User Research and Journey Mapping

An integrated approach between marketing and User Experience aimed at maximising interactions and conversions through social media, e-mail, ppc and organic search campaigns.

Manifattura di Valduggia S.p.a. is a textile and clothing manufacturer based in northern Italy with hundreds of resellers across the country.


TypeWeb pages, e-mails, social media campaigns
DeviceMobile First
IndustryFashion, E-Commerce, Retail
ToolsHubspot, Photoshop, Slack


Ragno, one of Manifattura di Valduggia’s brands, is a fashion retailer with a long history and a vast network of shops across Italy. While trying to grow their e-commerce business they needed a more efficient way to communicate and interact with their customer base. At the time their online presence was managed by a web development team purely dedicated to the technical aspect of web development and an internal marketing team with a long experience in brick and mortar retail, but no online marketing experience.

E-Mail + Landing Page (click here to view online) – Ragno Landing Pages UX Design Case Study

My role

    My job consisted of reshaping their web properties and developing a seamless experience between the marketing touch points (e-mail, social media, paid and organic search), the landing pages and the website. While interacting with the in-house marketing team and the web development agency the whole project was developed and deployed directly by me with regards to both the UX design and the digital marketing strategy. The strategy broadly leveraged landing pages design both to optimize for Google organic and paid search and to maximize conversion rates through a seamless user journey.

User persona

After choosing HubSpot as the marketing platform of choice for database and inbound marketing, I decided to use the HubSpot Editor also for landing pages development in order to be totally independent from the web development agency. This way, where my HTML and CSS knowledge needed assistance, I was able to rely upon HubSpot’s support team, which was easier to reach and cheaper than the agency. This allowed me to be flexible with my design, to deliver totally responsive web pages (while the agency was still struggling with mobile experience on the website) and to drastically reduce the time needed to go online as marketing planning from the company was kept very flexible and last-minute changes were the norm.

The Deisgn Rationale

The rationale behind all the designs was to use call to actions as a prominent element in every land page aimed at maximizing conversions, while at the same time adding value to the company’s content strategy in order to convey a storytelling that would help not only our users, but also Google bots, to better understand the product and the content of the page. Since the source for most visits to the landing pages where e-mail marketing campaigns and social media campaigns we opted for a mobile first approach which also offered the advantage of improving the perception of the brand for their customers.


Discovery/Analysis > Research > Design/Build > Test > Live


After a year of cooperation the company was able to shift from their old salesy approach, with a very commercial tone which highly leveraged discounts and promotions to drive sales, to a content strategy that better reflected the company’s values and was able to deliver a more meaningful user journey throughout all stages of the funnel. In terms of conversions the new approach led to a 35% increase in click through rate on e-mails and a 16% increase in the return on investment on marketing campaigns.

Key takeaways

An integrated approach between marketing and UX design leveraging a shared knowledge of the user/customer allows for an efficient cost allocation, freeing budget for marketing campaign, as well as ad hoc landing pages, thus allowing for a better performance in terms of sales while keeping the tone of the conversation high.

Additional links and resources

Note: all videos and visuals were also designed by me

The Pants Expert landing page + The Pants Expert Instagram campaign

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Festa di primavera visual design for website homepage linked to Instagram campaign
Festa di primavera visual design for website homepage linked to Instagram campaign (click here to see video)